“We have contracted HIV from Jalang’o” six women now show VCT results


Six women have accused radio presenter Felix Odiwour aka Jalang’o of deliberately exposing them to HIV.

According to the six, they had sex with Jalang’o, but he did not tell them he was HIV positive.

The women have urged their peers to ‘get tested’ over fears an ‘extremely sexually active’ Jalang’o has been intentionally infecting his partners with HIV.

Comedian Jalang’o is said to be a ‘regular on various dating websites such as Badoo,Tinder, as well as Facebook messenger.

Police are attempting to contact the six who have identified themselves as Umchunguz. It is likely there are many others unidentified so authorities have urged anyone who has had sexual relations with the comedian  to have a full health screening.

Kenyans on Twitter have expressed disappointment in the boys club and married men at large who go around cheating on their wives.

This is not the first time, Jalang’o is being exposed for Cheating. In February. YouTuber Edgar Obare was forced to pull down videos from his YouTube channel; highlighting Jalang’o, Terence Creative and Jackie Matubia’s infidelity in their relationships.



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