“Kenyan ndio maana hii kelele” Amina Chao defends Jalang’o


Amina Chao now says Kenyan women are jealous of her because her husband has a better machine that they can only dream of.

In a statement that has caused an uproar on social media, Amina Chao maintains that Kenyan women are bitter because gambling sites are no longer in operation hence denying their husbands an opportunity to be busy like Jalang’o.

“They are just feeling bad because my man is ever interacting with right-minded Kenyans on social media platforms. I will do anything humanly possible to ensure that this relationship lives on” Amina told off critics.

Amina Chao has threatened to sue those propelling hate against her family. “I will not sit back and watch them misbehave on Facebook and Twitter. The law is soon going to catch up with you” Amina Chao added.

In a further statement, Amina Chao rubbishes claims of her husband’s infidelity. She has praised Jalang’o as the most faithful man she has ever met.

“Even if he cheats on me, which I don’t think, he is still my husband. Efforts to separate us are going to prove futile Satan” she quipped.

She has urged women in the country to work hard and end poverty in their lives rather than backbiting families which are well established.



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