Man who glued wife’s genitals asks Kenyans to intervene.Says ilikuwa mtaro


A man from Tharaka-Nithi who allegedly assaulted his wife and sealing her private parts with superglue now says he did so to prevent her from becoming too loose. In a statement that has elicited mixed reactions in the country, James Kifo Muriuki, 30, has asked Kenyans to intervene and help him get bail.

James Kifo stated “Hakuna mtu anataka kunisikiza tangu niwekwe ndani. Huyo mwanamke alikuwa ameharibika huko chini juu ya kuzurura na wanaume. Ilikuwa imebaki tu mtaro ikabidi nimeishona” loosely translated to ” Nobody wants to listen to me from the time I was arrested. This woman was spoilt down there because of fooling around with men.I had to saw it because it was now a terrace”

Tharaka South Police Commander Kiprop Rutto said the suspect from Kamatungu first inserted pepper, salt and onions into his wife’s private parts using a sharp knife before applying superglue mixed with sand to “seal” it off.



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