Drunk Millicent Omanga Demands for a press conference to reveal Raila’s circumcision details


Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has astonished the public moments after she demanded a press conference to reveal Raila Odinga’s circumcision details. In a statement that has stirred mixed reactions in the country, Millicent Omanga who has vehemently opposed the handshake now says she has enough evidence to reveal that the ODM chief is not cut.

“I will not shy away from telling the truth. Leteni hii press conference niwaonyeshe ukweli kama mzee amefanyiwa hivo ama bado. Mimi nitaanika kila kitu peupe” Millicent Omanga said in a statement.

Majority of ODM followers have criticized Senator Omanga describing her as a reckless politician who does not deserve space in the 21st century.

Millicent Omanga, a controversial politician who has adamantly urged oposition supporters to join the Tangatanga move,now urges that



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