Developing: Babu Owino faces new arrest for biting DJ Evolve,infecting him with HIV during the shootout at B club


It is now emerging that detectives are looking for Embakasi East MP Babu Owino after DJ Evolve filed another lawsuit accusing the legislator of infecting him with the HIV virus after the MP allegedly bit the DJ’s thumb on the fateful night at B club.

DJ Evolve

According to police records, in January 2020, at B Club in Westlands in what was initially termed as a joke gone bad, Babu Owino before reaching out for his gun, had inflicted injuries on DJ Evolve’s thumb after biting him.

The controversial MP is accused of deliberately infecting Felix Orinda with the deadly disease by biting him, knowing well he was sick.

MP Babu Owino

DJ Evolve’s father, recently rubbished claims his son has been discharged from hospital.

The DJ has been recuperating since being shot in an incident involving Embakassi MP Babu Owino in January.

In an interview with Jalang’o on April 30, Babu claimed he had settled the hospital bill and Evolve was discharged.

“He is just waiting to be taken home. The reason why he has not been taken home is because of the coronavirus situation,” Babu said.



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