Why Kanze Dena wants to quit the Statehouse job


Swahili Kenyan journalist, Kanze Dena might be axed from her job as Spokesperson, Executive Office of the President, Republic of Kenya and Head of President’s Strategic Communication Unit. This has been loosely connected to first lady Margaret Kenyatta after she expressed her dislike for the curvaceous beauty pageant in June.

Margaret will always shove Kanze whenever they meet, a clear indication that Kenya’s first lady is insecure with the presence of the charming wizard within the Statehouse premises.

Through her close friend who is also a journalist, Kanze Dena has hinted of her intention of quitting the Statehouse job citing unfavorable working conditions as the reason behind it.

“I would gladly take back my media job than work in a tensed environment all the time” the source hints. “When I got this job I felt happy but never have I have ever felt the same thing than the days I was standing before the screens” she added.

When asked to reveal the big person behind her woes at Statehouse Kanze responded “The environment is the big person. Maybe later in the years Kenyans will come to understand what I mean”



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