“DJ Mo is a one minute man,i wish was married to a luhya man”,Size 8 slams husband


Gospel Singer Size 8 has further slammed her husband following her revelation on sexual dissatisfaction from their marriage with the renowned Dj.

Size 8, who had earlier surprised Kenyans after she confessed that her husband had not satisfied her in bed for the past 3 weeks, had also spilled the bean on their bedrooms encounters and marital affairs.

According to Size 8, she claims that her husband’s commitment to his work has always left him tiresome at the end of the day, hence rendering him a one minute man when it comes to bedroom matters.

The famous mateke hitmaker has further revealed that she sometimes regrets getting married to DJ Mo, who has always dedicated limited time for her when it comes too sexual affairs which are vital to any marriage.

she further revealed that she sometimes wishes she could have been married to a Luhya man, as their bedroom prowess is what she admired before she landed into marriage with DJ Mo who has disappointed her.




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