I might have contracted HIV from Ruto,angry woman shows VCT results


Drama unfolded at a VCT  health facility in Nairobi after a young woman named Violet Kamathe broke into tears and screams for claiming that she got HIV positive after having a two-month secret sexual affair with the deputy president which ended badly with subsequent threats of murder if she would insist with the relationship.

The beautiful woman who had gone to get her HIV status out of curiosity and rumors about the deputy president being infected received the negative news and test results that got her shocked beyond disbelief. Violet Kamanthe claims that she had an affair with the deputy president a few months ago after being hooked up with a friend in return reaping lump some amount of cash after the deal.

The woman who claims to be a third-year law student at Kenyatta university got the health facility into a standoff screaming up and down saying how she got herself infected by the deputy president who is currently out of reach for her. She narrates how her two-month relationship ended badly by receiving deadly threats from closer associates to the deputy president.

VCT results which were seen by our media team show that the lady is positive. Efforts by the health team and counselors to calm and comfort the beautiful lady were in vain as she was screaming out loud and creating bizarre attention. As she calmed down, she narrated that, “I was hooked by one of my friends to the deputy president and we had an affair which he preferred to be kept secret. It ended abruptly and I never knew the cause. I started feeling unwell and decided to have HIV test out of rumors that he might have infected me. I want everyone to know the fact that the deputy president got me infected and he should at least cater for my medicals bills”.



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