Kirinyaga Deputy Governor now says Waiguru ‘too loose to hold public office’


Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri now says his boss Anne Waiguru has failed to prove her integrity for the Gubernatorial seat.

In a tweet which he has later deleted, Mr Ndambiri has criticised Governor Waiguru describing her as a hungry politician who is ‘too loose to hold any public office’

“The corrupt must not be given any public office in the country. If my boss is corrupt then she must be held accountable.  Hungry politicians who are too loose to hold any public office must not tarnish our reputation just to hold power” Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri stated.

Mr Ndambiri, who was caught on video in what appeared as an illicit affair with somebody’s wife defended himself by saying that he was abducted, stripped and made to confess that he had relations with that woman.

Recently,Kirinyaga MCAs impeached  Governor Anne Waiguru.

The MCAs, in impeaching Ms Waiguru, cited alleged abuse of office and graft.

Twenty-three out of 33 MCAs voted in favour of the motion of impeachment.



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