Waiguru warns to expose Uhuru Kenyatta’s unknown son amid impeachment threats


Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has threatened to reveal President Kenyatta’s unknown son just days after the Senate announced will hold a Special Sitting on Monday to decide procedure on how to hear Waiguru’s case on Tuesday.

In a statement that has illicited mixed reactions in the country, the Kirinyaga Governor has insisted that she will not keep quiet at a time when President Kenyatta is frustrating her efforts to reach him.

“I will not shy from calling a spade a spade. The head of the highest office in the land should be worried now that I am going to tell the whole world about his secretive son. I used to be a technocrat but now I am a politician. Don’t try me” Waiguru said in a statement.

The embattled Kirinyaga has sought the support of ODM leader Raila Odinga to fend off the impeachment threat in the Senate this week, the Sunday Nation can reveal.

The two met on Thursday evening in efforts to help save her job, which is hanging by a thread after she was impeached by the county assembly last week and failed in her bid to block the move in court.



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