Kirinyaga MCAs question Waiguru’s inability to get pregnant


A section of Kirinyaga MCAs plotting the ouster of Anne Waiguru as the Governor of the County now say her inability to get pregnant depicts that she cannot be trusted with a political seat.

Waiguru who has been accused by the MCAs of benefiting from government tenders has further been criticized for bringing family problems whenever she is approached to solve give a word on the mismanagement of funds in the county.

The group of MCAs have challenged the Governor to resign, get pregnant for husband and seek an elective seat after delivery.

“This must not be allowed. Madam Waiguru is mismanaging the county funds and when questioned she starts bringing emotions that MCAs are mocking her inability to get pregnant for her current husband” Zacchaeus said in a statement.

In an earlier statement, Waiguru said the motion to impeach her is as a result of her refusal to bow down to pressure to award tenders to some MCAs.

“Every Kenyan knows what all these impeachments are about. I will not concede to illegal requests for tenders and money,” she said.



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