Reverend Githu urges government to make smaller condoms for teens in Machakos county to curb early pregnancies


Kenya’s youngest reverend has urged the government to make smaller condoms for Machakos teens since the average size of 6.69 inches is too big.

This he says will help prevent early pregnancies after it was revealed that more than 28 girls on average become pregnant daily in Machakos County in the last five months.

According to the 10-year-old, sex education amongst Machakos county teens cannot save the situation.

“It is simple. Let the government come up with smaller condoms for the lost generation in Machakos county.

In a humorous statement, Rev Victor Githu challenges Kenyans who never engaged in the act before the age of 18 to be the first ones to throw stones.

“The disgusting news has clearly exposed the hypocrisy in this part of the world. I challenge Kenyans who never did bad manners before the age of 18 to raise up their hands. The response will obviously be close to zero. Why this hypocrisy? What your fellow sinner needs is smaller condoms before prayers” Victor Githu explains.

Authorities partly blame parents and an ineffective justice system for the crisis that has got the region talking.



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