Security Tightened At Statehouse As Drunk Kenyatta Demands For A Press Conference to solve a family dispute


Security has been tightened at Statehouse after drunk Uhuru Kenyatta demanded for a press conference. Nairobi police have responded to the call by his personal assistant to provide additional security at statehouse.

According to his assistant, his boss arrived late this evening and demanded to address his family on an urgent matter. It is however not known why Uhuru decided to solve a family dispute through the press,nor his agenda

The President’s personal assistant did not reveal much but promised that everything will be okay.

A Kenyatta aid, Dennis Dbowy, was not pleased with what he saw as negative perception from him.Its’ a matter of public record that Uhuru frequently shows up for work intoxicated or fails to show up at all because he is in no condition to work.



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