Barack Muluka wants Senator Malala arrested for being behind teenage pregnancy in Kakamega


Shortly after The Amani National Congress party suspended Cleophas Malala from the party’s register, Barack Muluka is now demanding authorities in the country to come for the Senator accusing him of being behind teen pregnancies in the county.

Barrack Muluka now says the Senator is involved in what he calls ‘hatching’ with teens in the country and is just walking scott free.

Speaking on Friday, Mr Muluka said time was nigh for police and county commissioners to take equal action and come for the senator.

“We have expelled him from the party over misconduct. It is now high time authorities must come and silence him from misbehaving with teens in the county” Mr Muluka stated.

Amani National Congress Secretary General Barrack Muluka on Friday said the committee suspended the legislator in November last year after which he was required to show cause as to why he should not be expelled from the party.

The team later summoned Senator Malala to appear and respond to charges made against him in respect to his utterances and activities at a political rally convened by the Orange Democratic Movement in the run to the Kibra by elections in October.

Muluka said the remarks prejudiced the integrity and reputation of the ANC Party and its membership.



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