“My worth is only close to a billion,paying the Ksh 707M fine will reduce me to a beggar” Grace Wakhungu cries foul,accuses Judiciary of targeting Luhyas


Grace Wakhungu who was on Thursday night shipped to prison to begin their sentences has now come out to criticize court’s move to take all that she has without a second thought.

In a statement that has mixed reactions in the country, Grace Wakhungu has bitterly accused the Kenyan Judiciary of unfairness.

“We all know that there is selective justice in this country. The shift has now moved to the Western part of the country because of our strong political stand” Grace Wakhungu said.

“My worth is only close to a billion, paying the Ksh 707M fine will reduce me to a beggar and an ordinary citizen. Whoever is behind this move for political advantage shall surely not see the gates of heaven. We have been given media blackout, we cannot defend and explain ourselves to the masses, where power and justice belongs ” an emotional Grace Wakhungu told our reporters.

Grace Sarapay Wakhungu was fined Sh707 million.

Sarapay is the mother of former Environment CS Judy Wakhungu

Grace Wakhungu and John Waluke were found guilty of fraud over Sh313 million maize scandal.
The two appeared before Milimani anti-corruption court magistrate Elizabeth Juma.



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