Shock as 81 year old Kakamega cucu sues 19 year old husband for bringing HIV into their matrimonial home.


Shock ensued in Kakamega county after an 81-year-old sexually-starved cucu sued 19-year-old Seth Mbegu for denying her conjugal rights for the past one year. She now wants the marriage to be dissolved because Mbegu has brought HIV into their matrimonial home.

Zipporah Kwarola narrates that her marriage was well until her husband started to fool around with loose women.

She later discovered that her husband was taking anti-retroviral drugs without informing her.

“My husband has been refusing to have sex with me since last year. I discovered he was hovering in town with very loose women. The husband to one of his mistresses died of suspected HIV in March” Zipporah Kwarola stated through her lawyer.

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