“Nitamaliziwa bibi huko Sirisia” MP John Waluke begs court to reconsider the ruling for the sake of saving his marriage


Sirisia Member of Parliament, John Waluke now says his conviction on Thursday last week was unfair and only meant to oppress the Luhya community.

In a statement that has turned a hot debate on social media platforms, the legislator has urged the Judiciary to reconsider the ruling for the sake of saving his family.

“Nitamaliziwa bibi huko Sirisia.It is high time this horrible ruling must be looked into” the lawmaker stated.

The controversial Waluke explains how men might take advantage and prey on his wife while he is still in the cold.

“For the sake of my family, something should just be done. It will not be fair to see my marriage crumbling just because of some political forces” the MP stated.

John Waluke was convicted of several counts of fraud and fined Ksh 707 million or else serve a jail term of seven years.

It was the same sentence declared for his co-accused Grace Wakhungu. Their company Erad General Suppliers was also convicted for 7 years, a sentence they will serve, but since the sentences run concurrently it means they will only serve seven years each if they default in paying the fine.

The two and the company were found guilty of various offenses, each carrying sentences of between one to seven years, with varied fines all totaling to Sh707,725,562 for Wakhungu and Sh727,725,562 for Weluke as shown on the table below.

Lawyer Tyson Osotsi reveals that Mr. Waluke has not eaten anything from the time he was locked behind bars since he thinks he might be poisoned. Please listen to my client’s plea.” Osotsi insists.



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