Developing: Starehe MP allegedly fingered a female officer,to face sexual assault and incitement charges


Starehe MP Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, has been arrested over alleged incitement.

Officer Margaret Mukami is now accusing Charles Njagua of intentionally fingering her and laughing uncontrollably to embarrass her. The aggrieved officer says the Starehe Member of parliament attacked her when she tried to quell youth to a Grogon building to take ownership of shops.

The officer has further blamed the legislator of causing her physical harm on the body, psychological and emotional trauma.

In a statement, Jaguar confirmed that he has been taken to Nairobi Police area. “I’m currently at Nairobi Area. The charges against me are unclear though they seem connected to Mwariro Market,” the MP  wrote on Twitter on Monday.

” I’ll keep fighting for my constituents. Being a leader is tough but my resolve remains unshaken. Allocations at Mwariro Market have to be fair.”

More to follow…



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