“She tricked me into getting her pregnant and wants to keep the child which I am very against ” KTN’s Ben Kitili explains why he called it a quit


KTN news anchor Ben Kitili and his wife Amina Mude have separated barely two years after their wedding.

The news anchor says he felt betrayed as he had an agreement with Amina Mude not to have children.

Ben Kitili admits that he has always used condoms and his wife has been on birth control but the unexpected happened in April 2020 when Amina tricked him into getting her pregnant.

“On this night I realized my usual protections were nowhere to be seen in the house probably she had hidden them. Amina reassured me that she was on birth control little did I know this is the same night she had removed the birth control implant. I later discovered she is pregnant with my child and she insists on keeping it which I am very against” Ben Kitili explained.

In a post shared on her Insta-stories, Amina revealed that the two of them have not been together for the past one month.

She however did not reveal the cause of them separating.

“Ben and I are currently ‘separated’. I don’t know what the future holds but am grateful for the beautiful memories and definitely the beautiful kids we made. It’s been one month of pain and tears but I know that one day the light will shine,” wrote Amina Mude

In a separate post, Amina cautioned people against spreading rumors and speculations as to why they parted ways.

“Watu wa rumors, please don’t start spreading lies. We are good. Am good, I will be better. Meanwhile don’t forget to sanitize and keep safe #Cheers.” She added

The couple tied the knot at the attorney general’s office in November 2018 and later hosted a reception party for their close friends and family members.

After sharing pictures of how their wedding went down, the two faced backlash from a section of internet users who did not approve of their Christian-Muslim union.



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