What Moi told Raila before his demise,Mudavadi reveals


Rumours of Kenyatta forming a coalition with Odinga have been dismissed by ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi. According to the Luhya Kingpin, Kenya’s late president Daniel Arap Moi disclosed a comprehensive list that is going to be unbeaten come the 2022 general elections.

“Raila Odinga knows this but you will not hear him telling the public. There is only one force that is going to be formidable against the strongest opponent in 2022” Mudavadi said in a statement.

With the Building Bridges Initiative providing a platform to test new waters ahead of 2022, and a looming referendum which may create changes in the constitution and government, Deputy President William Ruto still has an upper hand in beating his opponents in the next election.

The ANC party leader further says that Raila Odinga will lose the election if he declares that he is going for the presidency. “Mzee Moi told Raila Odinga to fight for the Prime Minister position if he wants to survive the wave of Ruto during the election. With an Odinga’s presidency, all will be lost and there is nothing we will do” Mudavadi added in a statement.



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