“State to apologize by compensation or I poison the bastard” Woman allegedly to be Maraga’s mpango wa kando now threatens


Mary Kwamboka is now demanding a meeting with Chief Justice David Maraga and wants an apology and compensation from the state for spearheading the tearing up of her home.

In a statement that has gone viral, the defiant Kwamboka has threatened to poison her daughter if she is not going to be listened to.

“It is absurd I am raising this child alone when the father is swimming in state money. I just want a state apology plus full compensation before I do the worst and it will end in tears” Kwamboka said.

On Tuesday, Mary Kwamboka caused a spectacle at the Milimani law courts shouting that Maraga had refused to pay for their six-year-old daughter’s upkeep.

Maraga, on the other hand, rubbished Kwamboka’s accusations saying the whole thing was hot air to assassinate his character.

There has been intense pressure from every quarter for him to leave office before his terms comes to an end in 2021, he said.



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