Bonny Khalwale-The lion that single-handedly stopped Raila from thriving in Luhya politics


Rumors of Odinga’s possibility of being the next President of the Republic of Kenya have been dismissed by Bonny Khalwale, a Kenyan politician and former senator for Kakamega county. According to Dr. Bonny Khalwale , Odinga’s era to trade with the Mulembe nation has come to an end as his business gimmicks have been unmasked by those whose opinions matter in the community.

Dr. Bonny Khalwale hints of disclosing a comprehensive list that is going to be unbeaten come the 2022 general elections describing a coalition that will accommodate Raila Odinga as ‘the easiest to beat’

Dr. Khalwale has on many occasions confirmed to media outlets that time has come to show Raila Odinga dust in Mulembe politics.

Khalwale opines that Raila Odinga is a divisive politician who thrives on empty propaganda to build his business empire in the country hence should not be trusted with the highest seat in the land.

In 2019, Dr. Khalwale separately explained he was never the proverbial “enemy within” even after the secret meeting with the DP in September 2017.

He insisted that he remained loyal to Mr. Odinga and Nasa and campaigned spiritedly for the ODM leader and his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka to the last minute when the duo boycotted the October 26 repeat poll exercise citing a pre-rigging plot.

Pointing out that Khalwale is a popular figure in the country’s politics and a prominent leader in Mulembe nation, many political analysts allude that Odinga’s era in Luhya politics has come to an end!



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