Pastor Robert Burale on how the Lord healed him from corona after submitting Ksh 3k tithe,unveils paybill


Renowned motivational speaker and Pastor Robert Burale who on Monday afternoon announced that he had tested positive for Coronavirus now says the spirit of the Lord saved him from the novel virus after he submitted Ksh 3000 as tithe.

In a statement that has earned him criticism on social media platforms, Mr. Burale urges Kenyans to pay tithes on time to reclaim God’s protection from coronavirus.

“Many might think religious leaders are using this opportunity to milk them. The good book commands us to pay our tithes and the Lord shall surely cover us with his blood” he stated.

Burale says he has unveiled a paybill that he will share with his followers at a future date.

Kenyans on social media criticized Burale for being used by hospital owners for wrong reasons thereby confusing Kenyans from being keen on the realness of COVID-19.

Pastor Burale made the revelation via Facebook, saying that he had to wait for President Uhuru Kenyatta to give his speech before he could share the sad news.



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