Pastor Nganga’s wife responds to rape case allegations against her husband


One of the most shocking stories you’d have read online within the past few days is that of Data , a renowned kenyanBKenyan youngDyoung entrepreneur revealing how the senior pastor of Neno Evangelism center, Pastor Nganga raped her twice years ago.

Following the headlines, many well meaning Kenya have reacted to the controversy and today, Pastor Ngaga, who is a pastor of the Neno Ministries has also shared her own point of view

Pastor Ngaga was accused of allegedly restraining his wifeawife from reacting when he was accused of funds embezzlement and chest thumping in leading the church .

However,the wife sees her husband as a mentor, expressing sympathy to everyone has experienced broken trust from the church including high ranked officials.

“The past few day have been heavy,not just in a general sense of National reckoning but in a very personal sense.I speak publicly to enable the process of resolution which is urgent.With will get through everything as friends and as a church” she said.

Our Efforts to reach out to pastor Nganga for a comment were futile



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