Am being followed by unknown people,someone wants me dead-Elachi Claims

Former Nairobi county speaker Beatrice Elachi/PHOTO COURTESY

Former Nairobi County Speaker Beatrice Elachi is now claiming that her life is in danger following her resignation as the speaker of the county assembly. The ex-speaker who resigned on Tuesday now says that she has been having troublesome time ever since, with being followed by unknown people since then.

Elachi says that she has been unable to spend a single night in her residential home after she was closely followed by a group of 4 men driving a black Prado.

She claims that she has been receiving threatening messages and phone calls from unknown people passing messages that are horrifying

Speaking today morning to a group of media, the ex-speaker now claims that a senior politician wants to take her life following the resignation. She claims that she does not know the motive of the certain politician who wants her dead.

“My life is in danger. I feel threatened by being followed frequently by unknown people. This has caused me no spend my nights away from my residential home. Am in real fear, I have received threatening phone calls and messages from unknown people since my resignation. I need government’s protection because I have the right to life and I feel the right will soon be abused”, said Elachi.

The speaker has been replaced by Former Makadara member of parliament Benson Mutura on Friday after gaining a third of the required votes.



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