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Nairobi county concerned voter and diehard fan of Governor Mike mbuvi Sonko .

H.E president Uhuru Kenyatta
President of the Republic of Kenya.
Dear Mr president,

I’m writing this letter hoping online bloggers and those who will read it will share with our president Uhuru Kenyatta and his close relatives to help me deliver the message to the president himself.

Mr president when I woke up at 3am to go queue at langata constituency to vote for Governor Mike Sonko I knew I was making the right choice same as I work up in 2013 to vote for you despite you being the ICC Hague based court suspect.

I voted for Sonko knowing that his level of education is not as that of Dr Evans kidero who did nothing for us the city residents with his PhDs. Having promised to improve the living standards of slum dwellers where I come from the situation remained the same until Sonko took office.

My president I’m so disappointed that you decided out of 47 counties in Kenya, you will take away functions that belong to Governor Mike Sonko giving it to NMS DIRECTOR GENERAL BADI who serves your personal interest leaving city dwellers to suffer.

Mr president if you are really fair enough why can’t you take away those functions from the 47 counties so that it’s equally distributed.

When Sonko was elected,he constructed roads in the slums that had been forgotten for long,we were able to get free water and other essentials . When your NMS came into office illegally they have managed to give tenders out especially close relatives of powerful people in this country and these people have done nothing other than doing ghost projects that is well known to you and if you don’t know get independent auditors from outside the country to help you unmask the dirt going on at KICC.

Mr president its painful that despite Sonko traversing the entire country campaigning for your election you still don’t value him as a person elected by more than 800,000 voter’s in Nairobi county .

Mr president you know very well it’s Sonko who stood with you when you declared to vie for 2013 presidency ,Raila ,Peter Kenneth and Kikuyu mafias wanted you to rot in jail including the sitting president kibaki .
Sonko took you as his brother and campaigned with you all over Kenya. Today you seeing him as a nobody and your people are working on a strategy of fixing him through court so that 2021 you jail him so that he doesn’t come out strongly to opposing the BBI that is out to take away his functions and legalise your illegally formed NMS.

Mr president we respect you but the injustice your people are doing to Sonko is too much and I’m sure not only Sonko is suffering but everyone in this city is suffering for they are not enjoying the leadership they voted for.

Mr president your people humiliated Sonko arresting him like a genocide murderer for a mistake which he was not party to ,but since they own the system and deep state they think they can misuse power by frustrating innocent leaders, I want to assure you Mr president that power is never permanent and one day Sonko will be the one on top while those right now humiliating him will be at the receiving end.

Mr president we all know Sonko won against the deep state Candidate Peter Kenneth genuinely and your people are not happy hence they dared to frustrate him .

Mr president if I were you I will keep Sonko close and use him to tame the Tanga Tanga team but your people fear Sonko and have ensured that Sonko is not anywhere near you .

Mr president ,Today deep state cartels are dinning and celebrating with you but a time comes when even the system and deep state cannot help when Kenyans say enough is enough. They people power will come out in numbers demanding for their rights and it’s just a matter of time.

Mr president I want to give you a secret which you don’t know ,the elected leaders pretending to be with you are there because they fear being arrested of corruption. Come 2021 December you will be left alone as they will switch camps.
I also want to tell you Mr president even your brother Baba Raila Odinga will run away claiming he went to study his enemy who is you and deep state and now he is back home to take his people to Canaan . Right now he is just enjoying power and studying you. They say never trust an hungry LUO. When he gets what he want he never remembers how much you helped him.

Mr president we know Sonko has no case to answer and we also know the so called system is the one giving instructions on the Sonko cooked case and direction it should take. They have already made a decision in Sonko case so as to tame him from frustrating them come the 2021 BBI referendum and 2022 elections. Kenyans are watching and I want it to go into record that even your own kinsmen are tired of the so called deep state and system.

Mr president its important for you to note that you are a good person but people surrounding you will cost you a legacy.

Mr president we have seen that people surrounding you have blocked Sonko from working with you all I know is if Sonko join forces with Dp Ruto you will be at the losing end as the two are Wisemen with ground knowledge than the tumbocrats surrounding you.

Mr president we the city residents want back our Nairobi county in full otherwise we will never forgive you and we will never support NMS as it does not serve our interest as city residents other than giving tenders to people close to you for protection.

Mr president last night I had a dream dinning with former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe,he told me to warn you that the people power is more strong that anyone in this country.

Looking forward to a positive change and recognition of Sonko as an elected leader and Governor of this great city .Thanks

Yours faithfully
A loyal supporter of H.E Governor Mike mbuvi Sonko.

Forward to close friends and elected leaders please to help me deliver the message to president Uhuru Kenyatta.



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