“Aisha Jumwa ako na mtaro scaring husbands” Kuria rants moments after being called mole


Kuria’s habit of directing negative comments at women leaders has taken another dimension after he turned his attention to Aisha Jumwa and body-shamed her. This follows after the Malindi Member of Parliament urged Kuria to shun from being a mole in Jubilee.

Speaking during a fundraising meeting in his constituency, the unapologetic Moses Kuria mocks the width of Aisha Jumwa’s honeypot. “I will not engage women leaders who cannot attract men to marry them. Why should she accuse me of being a mole in my own party when she is the one who is still in the enemy party? For ages, the size of the mouth has been associated with something very crucial when picking a lass to marry or lay. Aisha Jumwa’s thing wide as her mouth scaring away husbands” the legislator quipped.

In recent months, Kuria has been a subject of social media ridicule after he hurled insults at Mbita Member of Parliament, Millie Odhiambo. He shocked everyone on social media platforms after he bragged of how he fingered the legislator in parliament many months ago.



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