Meet woman who deliberately infected Ruto with AIDS


A Kenyan woman has shocked Kenyans on social media after sharing evidence that she infected Deputy President William Ruto with the AIDS virus.

She reveals that she is HIV positive and warns men to use condoms while engaging in the act “I need to confess something, I am HIV positive and I am the one who hit headlines last year after I stated publicly that I infected Deputy President William Ruto,” the 33-year-old mother of two stated.

In a reply, William Ruto’s supporters have criticized the woman accusing her of being used by the opposition to disrupt peace in the country.

Kapseret legislator, Oscar Sudi has threatened to take legal action if the woman who is known as Sabrina will not apologize publicly in the next 24 hours.

In 2018, Sabrina went viral on social media when she confessed that she deliberately transmitted the virus to her clueless sexual partners who are mostly politicians to punish them for sinking the country’s economy.

It has not been established if authorities in the country will launch a manhunt against Sabrina. It is illegal to deliberately infect someone with the AIDS virus according to Kenyan law.



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