“Mwendwa ako na kitu tight kuliko hawa wanawake unaona Kenya”Gay activist Mureithi urges Kenyan men to invest their feelings in gaysm


Gay activist Mureiti now urges Kenyan men to shun dating Kenyan women as they are naturally boreholes. In a statement that has irked public emotions,Mureithi who wedded Mwendwa recently praises the bedroom prowess of his fiance.

Lovebirds Mureithi and Mwendwa

Mureithi noted in a statement “Mwendwa ako na kitu tight kuliko hawa wanawake unaona Kenya.Mimi siwadanganyi,nimelala na lukuki ya wanawake lakini wote walikuwa tu mitaro.Mabro,invest your feelings in each other and avoid these evil women” loosely translated to “Mwendwa has a very tight thing than these women you are seeing in Kenya.I can’t lie to you. I have slept with multiple women but all were just loose. Bros, invest your feelings in each other, and avoid these evil women.

The two love birds now say they are expecting their firstborn in December this year. When asked how that is going to be possible Mwendwa responded “There is nothing impossible before a man. If we defied marrying the opposite sex what makes you think that we cannot defy the baseless narrative that gays are unreproductive?”




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