Racheal Ruto accidentally drops ARV’S Meant for the DP at a fundraiser causing commotion


There was a commotion at a  fundraising occassion in Nairobi after Deputy President’s spouse Racheal  dropped ARVS’s when she was getting food out of her bag to give William Ruto. The ARV’S were not even wrapped.

It has not been established why a person of the Deputy President’s caliber can hover with drugs meant for the HIV infected persons in public.

A source reveals that Ruto was missing his ARV medication which sometimes causes his migraine and abusive nature.

Months ago, a woman shocked Kenyans on social media after sharing evidence that she infected Deputy President William Ruto with the AIDS virus.

She revealed that she is HIV positive and warned men to use condoms while engaging in the act “I need to confess something, I am HIV positive and I am the one who hit headlines last year after I stated publicly that I infected Deputy President William Ruto,” the 33-year-old mother of two stated.



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