“Mimi tu ndo najua baba ya Ivanna ni nani na labda si wewe” Betty Kyalo to deadbeat Okari


Erectious news anchor, Betty Kyalo has publicly warned Dennis Okari to stop meddling in the life of Ivanna. This is after Dennis Okari in a statement revealed that he is not happy with how his daughter is being “exposed” to the world by the mother.

In another bitter response to her ex-husband, Betty Kyalo has continued to call Dennis Okari ‘a deadbeat’ urging him to stop chest-thumping on fathering a daughter with her.

‘I am the only one who knows who the father of my daughter is. It is absurd when I see people trying to lecture me on how I should treat my own blood. As a father and a mother, I expect nobody to tell me how I should treat my Ivanna” Betty Kyalo stated telling her ex-husband to grow up.

Betty Kyalo divorced Dennis Okari, six months after their much-publicized wedding held at Marula Manor in Karen.

The two are believed to have brought to life an amazing baby girl, Ivanna. Not much of her was in the public eye but after Betty and Okari separated, she has been all over Betty’s social media.



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