Raphael Tuju On How ARVs Became Part Of His Life After A Wife Betrayed Him, Urges Men To Be Careful When Choosing Partners Or Avoid Marriage


Raphael Tuju admits that his HIV status is positive but boasts of how he has strictly played safe to protect himself and those around him.

Tuju was diagnosed with HIV about 7 years ago and remained silent about the disease for the first years of his diagnosis. In 2013 Tuju entered a City clinic, and has become the first top official to ever to go public with his HIV status, he tells us how this act has freed him and has helped him to heal himself mentally.

Raphael Tuju was diagnosed with HIV in 2013 after having unprotected sex with his wife Ruth Akinyi Wanjare.

Ruth Akinyi Wanjare who was divorced by the former Rarieda Member of Parliament was allegedly having an illicit affair with a bodyguard who infected her with the killer virus according to Tuju.

“When I rammed into the harsh reality ARVs became part of me since then. To anyone aspiring to marry out there, please be careful when choosing partners or just avoid marriage” he exclaimed.

The revelations about the Jubilee Party Secretary General have far-reaching consequences than we can now wholly comprehend.



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