Reverend Githu Advises Pastor Ng’ang’a To Go Slow To Succeed In The Preaching Ministry


Kenya’s youngest Reverend,Victor Githu has urged Pastor Ng’ang’a of the Neno Evangelism centre to go slow on matters faith in order to succeed in the preaching industry.

Speaking in Juja on Friday,the 10 year old faults city pastors of using unscrupulous means to win the masses in the name of preaching the gospel.

“My friend Ng’ang’a who might be older than me in the physical world must go slow while administering the children of God in the spiritual world. The good Lord commands us to be like children in order to be part of his kingdom.Whoever brings show offs and dictatorship in religion seeks for his own downfall” the Reverend stated.

Reverend Githu who hinted that he is on a mission to preach salvation in Nairobi,Mombasa and Eldoret town also warned upcoming preaching against thinking the word of God is a ladder to quick riches.

“Of what importance will it be to be rich on earth and poor in the kingdom of God?” he paused.

Reverend Githu went into the limelight few moths ago and has been an internet sensation due to her prowess in preaching and spreading the word of God, despite his young age.



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