“Stop coping my communication style to demean me” Pastor Ng’ang’a to PLO Lumumba


Apostle James Nganga of Neno Evangelism Church has threatened to deal with PLO Lumumba claiming that the Professor has a habit of coping his linguistic skills with an aim of demeaning him.

According to the 66-year-old, he did not like the way the way Professor PLO Lumumba used the word “commander” in a one of his motivational speeches in Nairobi county.

Pastor James Ng’ang’a and his wife

An angry Ng’ang’a told his congregation “Tuheshimiane ikifika ni wakati wa kucopy kila kitu ninasema.Hii jina commander ni mimi tu nakubaliwa kuitumia wewe Lumumba” loosely translated to “Let’s respect when it comes to coping everything I say. I am the only one allowed to use the word commander you Lumumba”

Speaking to one of our reporters on Sunday, the unapologetic Ng’ang’a has also reminded his followers to respect his choice of words.

“Wengine wanasema ati Ng’ang’a hajui kizungu.Kwa Mungu hakuna mambo ya hio vizungu mingi mnaongea hapa duniani pa shetani” he added.



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