CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i advocates for Unity and Development


CS Fred Matiang’i advocates for Unity & Development

Everytime Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i goes to any part of Kenya, he is welcomed by all leaders regardless of their political affiliations or alignments.

This is healthy so as to promote the inclusivity agenda. For starters, Matiang’i’s modus operandi is open and we thank him for embracing all and sundry in the spirit of uniting Kenya.

In his own backyard Gusii, those leaders who were disagreeing with him like Hon Sylvanus Osoro, DG Joash Maangi and Hon Kemosi Mogaka have now openly pledged to work together with the Super CS and even further endorsed him for the Presidency in 2022 even though the latter has not declared his bid. Matiang’i’s candidature was started by Kenyans who feel he should be the President in 2022 but Matiang’i is now busy with the Big Four agenda and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy of transformative leadership.

Friends, we saw yesterday at Nyagesenda SDA church in Kitutu Chache North constituency when different politicians of different camps and affiliations welcomed Dr. Fred Matiang’i. Both Governor James Ongwae and his Deputy Governor Joash Maangi were present to show solidarity to the CS Fred Matiang’i. Other leaders present were PS Susan Mochache and majority of Members of County Assemblies from the two counties.

It is now apparent that Gusii leaders have resolved to work together for the sake of unity, development and our future bargaining space in 2022. Speaker after speaker in this function thanked President Uhuru Kenyatta for giving them a laborious ‘minister Matiang’i’ who has brought dignity and honor to Gusii. They also thanked CS Matiang’i for the great work of development not just in Kisii but the whole country. PS Susan Mochache urged all leaders of Gusii to work harmoniously so as to push the Omogusii agenda. She said we must now work together under our senior most leader Dr. Fred Matiang’i so as to promote development and increase our bargaining power as a community. CS Matiang’i on his part pledged for unity and thanked wananchi for supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s agenda of development, something that was echoed by Governor James Ongwae.

We thank CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i for engaging all leaders regardless of their political stand in the development agenda so as to bequeath a better Kenya for the future generations.



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