Are you using I Pesa?


The Chinese owned mobile lender applications IPESA and Kashway exposed. Citizen weekly got a chance to interview some of the employees of XGO Kenya limited, a Chinese company that is involved in online money lending. For a long time, Kenyans have raised concerns on the numerous unregulated fintech companies that take advantage of defenseless Kenyans. The companies, mostly owned by foreigners, impose extremely high interest rates, breach client’s privacy and engage in other unlawful activities. Employees well known as agents gave us closure on the inside happenings of XGO Kenya Limited .One employee cited that the working space is toxic.They complained about the company exploiting them and not following their own terms set in the contract. Faith a former employee talking to Citizen weekly said that the management treated them like kids. They had punishments for not hitting their targets. The punishment included calling clients while standing for 5 hours, or even kneeling down, She cited the working condition was extremely toxic where they would get insulted by team leaders, and later piled the pressure on the clients. “The company accesses the clients phonebook and the management forces the us to call the clients phonebook, the people we call are not referees of the clients, and I think that is a breach of their privacy, we are also asked to place them on autodial, where they can’t use their devices, and in worse cases insult their phonebook contacts in order to pressure the client to pay the loans”. Talking to citizen weekly she called upon all the human right activists,lawmakers,and the government to come forward and help the employees of the company. An anonymous employee cited that the company treats them with no dignity to a point of even insulting them using uncouth language.
Below are videos of employees and clients complains on the company.



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