Rachel Ruto,  Kenya’s first lady well known for being a staunch Christian is a woman who has seen it all in the marriage institution. From being humiliated publicly on many occasions by her husband William Ruto and to being a victim of Gender Based Violence.

It is now emerging that Rachel Ruto has not been seeing eye to eye with William Ruto when it comes to matrimonial affairs for over five years now

It seems the story of William Ruto with Prisca Cherop really broke the woman in Rachel Ruto. Shortly after her husband was exposed of being a deadbeat even after publicly rubbishing the news at first, the matrimonial relationship of Rachel and her husband only worsened.

A source explained that the two would just be seen in the limelight of the media together because of the status they hold in society.


“They are not that close. There is a day Rachel had decided to pack back to her parents home only to be reunited with her husband after Kalenjin elders intervened ” the source adds


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