Vihiga County Senator Godfrey Osotsi has claimed that the Kenya Kwanza government has panicked after goons descended on Uhuru Kenyatta’s property on Monday.

Senator Osotsi said that the ruling party is now working on a damage control mission to counter the accusations that they are responsible for the destruction.

“The entire UDA is on a damage control mission. That’s why we have a statement from CS Owalo and others. But the bottom line is there’s panic within Kenya Kwanza because of what they did on Monday,” Osotsi said on Tuesday.

Vihiga Senator said what transpired on Monday was the worst.

Blame games have emerged between the state and the opposition.

Senators from Kenya Kwanza and Azimio coalitions have accused each other of being responsible for the raids that happened.

The anti-government protests on Monday took a new twist after goons descended on Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga family businesses.

Unknown people staged a twin attack on the property of former President Uhuru’s family along the Eastern Bypass, looting property in the glare of cameras and openly making off with an unknown number of livestock

Still wading into the issue, Senator Godfrey Osotsi stated that the government should know there are better ways and strategies of countering the opposition.

“You don’t have to destroy property. We are asking Kenya Kwanza to be responsible enough and allow the Constitution to work,”said Senator Osotsi .

The senator said the opposition has reasons to hold protests after the government failed to lower the cost of living.

“We want them to lower the cost of living. We want them to fulfil that promise,” Osotsi said.

By Shikutwa Khwa Shivega ok

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