1. You can get married at whatever age, whatever the number of times. Those who care will not marry you, those who will marry you, won’t care!

2. There is no honour in Poverty. If you must get money, live big and have great friends; you can only do that here on earth.

3. Life does not begin at 30, sometimes it starts at 46!

4.The greatest gift you can give your parents is being successful. And there’s no excuse for that.

5. That wedding was an invites only. There were only three hundred seats, each of them had an attendee. But do you think if Ali Hassan Joho, Oscar Sudi or Diamond Platinum gate crushed at the event, would they be turned away?? You are the problem, no one respects POVERTY!

6. Your parents only care about your SIBLING RIVALRY because you are poor. Yes, all of you!

7. Akothee’s parents have witnessed her 5 other marriages. They have no problem in accompanying her down the isle once again; because she’s INDEPENDENT!

8. Akothee might still decide to Divorce Omosh, have another wedding after two years, And you people will do her NOTHING!

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