Kenya’s youngest prophet popularly known as Reverend Victor Githu has revealed another prophecy again. According to the 14 year old man of God, the spirit of sexual immorality and the general sinful nature of the church will render many to direct hellfire.

Reverend Victor Githu reveals that the spirit of the most High took him to hell and he witnessed the wrath of God upon the sinful in the country

In the vision, Reverend Victor Githu explains that there was a large number of Kambas and Kisiis collecting firewood in hell as Luos chanted slogans of Baba kende.

“The church should repent. The fire was as hot as a furnace. I witnessed with my own eyes many Kambas and Kisiis collecting firewood as Luos shouted Baba kende in celebration of the dark powers” Reverend Victor Githu stated.

The young Reverend has urged the sinful in the country to turn back to God warning of immense punishment to those who will defy his plea.

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