Comedian Herman Gakobo Kago aka Professor Hamo now reveals that his unexplained exit from the Royal Media Services family was greatly influenced by media personality,Jeff Koinange.

The exit of Professor Hamo from Royal Media Services’ (RMS) Hot 96 came as a surprise to many Kenyans when.The funny man claims that constant harassment from Jeff Koinange made him uncomfortable and being raised with strong Christian morals,he had to run away for safety.

He narrates that his colleague used to intentionally touch his private parts while laughing hysterically, something that always got him scared. “Many thought my exit from Hot 96 was propelled by my baby mama. The whole drama started within the studio and I was sick and tired of taking it anymore.

Jeff ako na tabia mbaya,he used to touch my private parts while in studio” Professor Hamo narrated to Kana Ka Kitui. Professor Hamo joined Hot96 back in September 2018 to replace Jalang’o who had been poached by Milele FM.

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