Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism has received sharp criticisms online after associating the Lakeside community with immorality.  Ng’ang’a was addressing a congregation when he warned of impending God’s wrath against the sinful in the country.

The clergyman was commenting on the topic of high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Nyanza region when he challenged his congregation to spot for him any Luo who is free off the virus and he will gladly award them a whopping Ksh one million each
“I know I will be crucified for saying this but it the truth on the ground. Watu wa Nyanza wanafaa kutubu dhambi zao na kumrudia Mungu ili wapate kuokolewa. Nionyeshe jaluo hana ukimwi nimpee milioni moja” Pastor Ng’ang’a quipped
A section of Kenyans have faulted the man of God for being insensitive in his utterances urging the Neno Evangelism pastor to apologise to the Luo nation.  Bishop Aggrey Ombacho from Migori country has called on Luos to resist Pastor Ng’ang’as Church for disrespecting them

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