Joy Awino speaks
I know this couple in person.I have been a frequent customer at JB lounge, a bar they own in Umoja innercore.I don’t know why people like saying lies about people who have departed like Sandra Dacha here,anyone who has interacted with Sheila knows that she was toxic to the brim.
This is a lady who was married but will never miss ajawa,and has been physically embroiled in fights with nyi pap for reasons known better to her.I witnessed her,fighting a customer at their lounge in umoja simply because they had an altercation in some other place.At JB,those who have been there can bear me witness, the bar tenders takes a minimum of 1 day to a week before she chase them away.
This lady was having serious anger problems,on top of other misconduct.On the other hand, Jack was totally different. A calm,humble and very understanding gentleman.If Jack was my friend or relative, I will stand with him on this incident until the last minute, because I can imagine what the late took him through. Ladies,let’s stop cheating in marriage. Choose between koinange lifestyle and marriage then stick to what your soul has chosen.

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