Njoki Murira has come out to reveal that she is still a virgin at 22. According to the actress, as a staunch Christian, she understands the value of keeping it pure until marriage in an effort of cementing her relationship with God.

She commends her mother for being there to guide her on how to live a physical life and a spiritual life. “Physical life and spiritual life go hand in hand and it is up to every individual to live without sin as the creator intends. To me, I will only do a yes to a man the day I will be officially married.

Njoki distances herself from the gossips surrounding her love life stating that she has always tolerated such to gain mileage in the acting industry. “Unlike most Kenyan women, I am still a virgin at 22. I am a woman of dignity and can never want to ruin my spiritual self by involving in sexual sin” she stated.


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