Hon Lilian Akinyi has continued to sway the masses with her manifesto which she believes is transformative. She has promised good leadership and effective utilisation of public resources once into office.

Hon Lilian Akinyi has urged Nairobi residents to support her ideology as she understands the problems affecting the residents more than any of her opponents.

In the UDA county elections that are to be held on Saturday 18/ 05/2024, she has pledged to empower women socially, economically and politically. This will include the enhancement of wealth creation for women and youth groups. To Hon Lilian Akinyi, a society that has empowered women and youth groups realises her developmental goals faster.

Hon Lilian Akinyi’s camp has launched robust campaigns to spread how she will impact the lives of women and girls up to the grassroot levels.She promises to stand strong with women by educating them on their rights and privileges,something that is a nightmare those she’s competing with.

The politician has further promised to monitor and evaluate the use of resources allocated to women in the country .She has been lining up activities in the recent past including mentoring girls and women, providing sanitary towels and influencing policy changes to favour women in Nairobi.

As much as her office will strive to better the lives of the girl child, Lilian Akinyi says she will also incoparate men especially bodaboda groups,matatu owners amongst others. Talent identification will not only stop there as her administration will ensure that youths fully realise their ability through sports, theatre and culture.

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