Mike Sonko has helped Ian Njoroge with his Ksh. 700,000 bond. This is after an approar on socia ledia that Njoroge was right.

Ruth Nyambura Mbagara, the mother of the 19-year-old boy caught in a viral video assaulting a traffic police officer, had come out to apologise for his actions while also defending him.

According to Ms. Mbagara, the scuffle began as her son – Ian Njoroge – was rushing home to return her car and take his siblings to church as he has always done as a first-born son.

While admitting that Njoroge made an illegal U-turn, Ms. Mbagara went ahead to state that the officer demanded a Ksh.10,000 bribe but the boy was unable to raise such an amount since he’s just a university student.

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