Fredrick Okung Ndege Serikal is one of the notable figures in the political sphere and Business world in Nairobi who is on the record of either running for the Lang’ata constituency seat or Embakasi East constituency now that Babu Owino is eyeing for the city’s Gubernatorial position. As an intellectual who gained traction during the SONU days by fighting for students best interests at the University of Nairobi, Fredrick Okung Ndege Serikal has declared his interest to serve the interests of citizens in parliament come 2027.

While the political landscape in the country remains unpredictable, Fredrick Okung Ndege Serikal is one of the leaders that has the potential to achieve even more than other legislators if elected into parliament. The youthful, fiery and vibrant defender of the downtrodden in the society has won the hearts of  of Kenyans after for being vocal against the oppressive House bill, corrupt governance and also publicly commending leaders working for Mwananchi diligently.

Ndege Serikal definitely as a leader is  destined for greatness in 2027 since his manifesto is based on developing policies that are meant to benefit the common mwananchi , plan strategies of improving governance and opposing oppressive bills sponsored by corrupt government officials.

A general poll indicates  that Fredrick Okung Ndege Serikal is poised for success in 2027 judging by his influence to the masses and the manifesto he has!

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