Embakasi East legislator ,Babu Owino is currently the favorite for the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat under the ODM party. Dr Babu who is a close ally to ODM leader , Hon Raila Odinga draws his emmense support from youth and women. Incumbent Governor, Johnson Sakaja will obviously have a hard time defending the seat now that Nairobi residents are aware that he has looted the county resources to death.

Babu Owino is the kind of leader who has built for himself a household name by moving around his constituency, Nairobi County and the country at large engaging citizens while launching various projects as a way of uplifting the downtrodden in society. More than three quarters of residents in the city have given the legislator a nod as he has been in the forefront championing for education, opposing bills meant to oppress the poor masses and being ranked as the top MP in the county .

To many, Babu Owino is the kind of leader who can be trusted with the county’s resources as he has always demonstrated to have the interests of his people at heart. Being born and raised in Nyalenda slums in Kisumu county many believe Babu Owino understands the issues affecting the common man and he has been doing everything humanly possible to champion for progressive development for all .

The current Governor, Johnson Sakaja has no clue what is happening around the city as he is on the record of moving out to big cities squandering public resources on Slay Queens and expensive alcohol,hence such a corrupt figure has no copy of the reality on the ground .

Recently,Sakaja was on record for purchasing a house worth billions in Singapore ,a clear indication that he wants to flee the country and evade being prosecuted by the law. A close analysis by a group identified as Nairobi opinion shapers found out that more than 3 quarters of Nairobi County residents support Hon Babu Owino since he has an impeccable track record as a lawmaker of Embakasi East Constituency and it is time to take it to the county level or even be Kenya’s President!

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