Ken Wa Maria popularly known for the fundamentals hit was on Saturday afternoon caught in an act of adultery after he got stuck in an unidentified woman in a phenomenon scientifically known as ‘Penis captivus’ .The incident which happened at the Emory Hotel in Nairobi brought business to a standstill as some users rushed and quickly formed a huge crowd at the scene.

The incident that was confirmed by the management of the Hotel happened at 1:11 pm on Sunday. Local reporters visited the scene to ascertain the truth behind the rumours and confirmed that there was substance to it.Ken Wa Maria has since been admitted at a Private facility in Nairobi for medication following the incident.

Penis captivus is a rare occurrence in human intercourse when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the penis much more firmly than usual (a form of vaginismus), making it impossible for the penis to withdraw from the vagina.

It is a phenomenon that is mostly seen in the mating of canines.Local beliefs and superstitions hold that a husband who has acquired charms can have a cheating wife caught by having this phenomenon occur whenever she has sex outside marriage.

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