Malindi Member of Parliament (MP) Aisha Jumwa was grilled at the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Thursday, November 7 over missing Sh57 million CDF cash.

According to information obtained from the DCI office, the lawmaker is said to have embezzled Sh57,711,690 that was set aside to support and develop certain projects around her constituency

Lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Danstan Omari, who represented Jumwa explained that the Malindi MP was called into the investigations unit to shed light on the matter adding that she needed more time to make a response for the queries as the matter was abrupt hence needed verification and authentication.

It is reported that Jumwa’s two children were also brought into the mix of the scandal through their company Kaseru Construction Limited.

“From the foregoing, it is clear that there was collusion to embezzle public funds and there was major conflict of interest on the part of Aisha Jumwa Karisa,” read the document from the Economic and Commercial Crimes Unit.

It has been established that four companies linked to Jumwa had received a total of Sh312,624,464 within the approximated time from March 2014 to August 2018, and the Sh57, 711,690 went straight into her personal bank account.

Her children’s company, Kaseru Construction Limited on the other hand received Sh64,735,504 from Kilifi County to their Equity bank accounts.

A transaction of Sh 9,495,512.05 was allegedly also sent to Kaseru Construction, her children’s company.

Other transactions involve Jumwa’s son and daughter, where the son Karisa made withdrawals through his Cooperative bank account totaling to Sh46,100,509

The same Cooperative account was used to transfer Sh5,000,000 to Likoni MP Juma Hamisi and Sh15,150,000 to Aisha Jumwa. Jumwa’s daughter is believed to have allegedly received Sh40,685,000 from the same account.

Aisha Jumwa found herself in hot soup after being linked to the chaotic and fatal shooting of Ganda MCA Reuben Katana’s uncle last month in the Ganda by-election.

She was arrested alongside her bodyguard and aide Okuto Otieno, where they spent two nights in police cells and were later released on October 17, on Ksh1 million bond and a surety of a similar amount with the alternative of Sh500,000 bail each.

“The two shall be released but they must present themselves to DCIO in Malindi on October 22, any further summons shall be issued,” read the directive by Mombasa senior magistrate judge, Vincent Adet.

Jumwa attributed her woes to some Coastal region leaders who she allegedly said were after her downfall.

Jumwa made a public appearance after the bail release and held a meeting at her Kakuyuni home last Friday, stating that she was ready to face the consequences if found guilty.

”I, Aisha Jumwa, am a Kenyan and am not above the law (sic). I told security agencies and I repeat investigations should go on, truth and justice to prevail. If Jumwa is found to be guilty, the law should follow its course to the letter,”‘ she stated.

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